GGT’s Arpolith brings a new composition of a totally organic material, volcanic ash. It is designed to hold water in order to keep dust down in your riding arena. See the brochure.


"GGT Arpolith has significantly helped cut down on watering costs and keeps the footing at its optimal consistency longer."

T. R. Potts

Potts Performance Horses



Meet the perfect companion for your GGT Footing! Constant maintenance is vital to keep your arena in perfect shape and GGT Footing needs a proper harrow with adjustable tines and teeth, as well as a roller to keep the footing mixed properly. With our specialized GGT Arena Conditioner you can keep your beautiful footing in its best condition. The GGT Arena Conditioner is available in 5’ & 6’ straight as well as 6’ & 8’ swivel. See the brochure.

  • Aerate your sand to create the lofty feeling you love.
  • Tailored to meet all ground conditions regardless of depths and compaction.
  • Adjustable teeth and tines are designed to intermix GGT footing and soil.
  • Can be pulled by tractors, ATV’s, UTV’s and lawn tractors.
  • Re-level and fill in divots in your arena footing.